Nitzanim Incubator Project Launched in 3 Communities

The Sapir Center has chosen Nitzanim for a groundbreaking pilot project: Incubators for fostering cultural and social entrepreneurship in the field of Israeli-Judaism, in three Nitzanim network communities: Emek Hefer, Hof Hacarmel and Holon.

Each incubator will chose some 20 Cultural Social Entrepreneurs, who have a vision or dream in the realm of pluralistic Israeli Judaism, who have leadership orientations, who hold key positions in the local authority or are community residents and are graduates of community leadership/training/guidance programs. Thus, 60 such cultural social entrepreneurs will participate in the three incubators during its first year.

The incubators will focus on nurturing projects with high potential and which aim to reach unique entrepreneurial communities and diverse identity groups in Israeli society. They will work together to promote initiatives bridging divides such as religious-secular, new and veteran immigrants and participants from the center and from the social or geographic periphery.

The incubator will provide for its entrepreneurs professional communities at the local and national levels for enrichment, cooperation, learning and mutual support. The products of the incubators will serve as a model and source of inspiration and will be used by the other community-based programs in the Nitzanim network.

We envision the expansion of this pilot with the Sapir Center and we are in discussion with potential partners to support expanding and increasing the number of incubators, holding a national conference of all incubator project participants, upgrading and increasing the knowledge management website for the incubators and for the local authority professionals.