National “Batim Madlikim” Hanukah Programs

“Batim Madlikim” or Houses of Light is an innovative and unique Hanukkah activity aimed at creating a broad community connection, a dialogue with different groups of identity around relevant Israeli Jewish content, lectures, singing and playing sessions and various workshops, all around the holiday and its content.

We see this project as an opportunity to brand the initiative as a new Israeli tradition, which seeks to give Hanukkah the character of a communal holiday, in which neighbors are introduced and experiential encounters, dialogues, studies and activities are held in the spirit of the Nitzanim vision. We see that it has broad and ongoing potential, to bring the message of pluralistic Israeli-Judaism to the Israeli society.

On Hanukkah 2018, more than 11,000 residents, participated in the “Batim Madlikim” events in 10 of Nitzanim Network community programs and were hosted in over 500 private homes. in addition, 20 public events were opened this year in cities and moshavim, for the first time as part of the program.