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Nitzanim Communities – December 2017

Nitzanim activities take place in: in the education system, from kindergarten through grade 12, in informal community settings (groups of people, groups and families that initiate and spearhead local community processes, groups of business owners, etc.) and in shared public space. Although many of the programs are similar, e.g. Kabbalot Shabbat, each community places its own unique stamp on its programming.

Nitzanim Ayanot – Ramat Hagolan Regional Council

Nitzanim Emek Hamayanot Regional Council

Nitzanim Maale Yosef  Regional Council

NItzanim Olamot (Worlds) – Upper Nazareth

Nitzanim Hofim (Beaches) – Hof Hacarmel Regional Council

 NItzanim Mesilot Binyamina-Givat Ada

Zayit (Olive) – Emek Hefer Regional Council 

Nitzanim Even Yehuda

Nitzanim Hof Hasharon

Nitzanim Hiburim (Connections)  –  Holon

Nitzanim Zika (Affinity) – Gan Yavne

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