About Us

Who are we?

‘Nitzanim: Jewish Israeli Identity and Zionism’ originated in 2007 as a project within the Avi Chai Foundation, and in 2013 began operating independently as a national network of local authorities in which the rich & diverse Jewish cultural heritage serves as a fundamental common resource in shaping a tolerant, vibrant, multi-cultural environment.

Nitzanim is motivated by the basic assumption that the local authority is a profoundly influential factor in the life of an individual citizen. Viewing one’s community as its arena, Nitzanim then acts within the municipalities, empowering local authorities and local activists around the country to shape their own unique Jewish Israeli identity by carrying out programs tailored to the community.

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What do we do?

Nitzanim develops a network of municipalities that prioritize an inclusive Jewish Israeli agenda; advises & mentors professionals and volunteers in the devel­opment of a strategic citywide plan; acquires & shares knowledge (including research, evaluation, practices, and peer learning models) in the area of Jewish renewal, and increases funding and visibility in the field.

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How do we do it?

Our expertise on a national level are then put in the hands of our ideological and financial partners – municipalities around the country – on the local level: Nitzanim is working hard to build viable centers in which educational, cultural and communal activities forge a pluralistic Jewish Israeli tradition. Holidays, circle of life and life rituals, seminars, and local leadership groups, are all committed to the many different shades and values of Jewish Israeli culture.

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Where do we do it?

Nitzanim is active throughout Israel. From the Golan Highest regional council and the city of Upper Nazareth in the north, via Emek Hefer Regional Council and the cities of Holon and Modiin in the center, to the soon to become city of Gan Yavneh further south of Israel. Rapidly expanding with the potential to be reaching over half a million citizens in the upcoming year, Nitzanim initiatives can be seen along the shore in Hof Carmel Regional Council, and in Merhavim Regional Council in the northern Negev.

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