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Joining the Nitzanim Network

  • Local authority is stable and enjoys economic stability and has the ability to lead long term processes.
  • There is a desire and interest to engage in education and Jewish-Israel identity at the leadership level (governmental and civic)
  • There is already existing local activity in the field of Jewish renewal
  • The existence of meaningful programs led and driven by local educational, community and cultural institutions.
  • The locality already has a system-wide approach to work or there is the potential to create such an approach between local government departments and relevant institutions.
  • There is system wide management of external interventions (foundations, organization, programs, etc.)
  • There is an openness to learning and an interest in dialogue with the residents.
  • There is a commitment to commit local resources to the Nitzanim program and to make the program a high priority.
  • Priority will be given to communities with more than 15,000 residents

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