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Established 2016

Binyamima and Givat Ada were declared municipalities in 1950 and combined in 2003. As of 2014, the area is reported to have 14,500 and growing at a rate of almost 2% a year. Binyamina, named after the Baron de Rothchild, was originally an agricultural community, but today is mostly a bedroom community with most of its residents commuting to the Gush Dan area. Givat Ada, located 5km east of Binyamina, was named after the Baron’s wife, and is more agricultural and known for its vineyards.

In Binyamina there are Jews who identify as religious, secular, reform and everything in between.  The mayor and the education department are interested in creating a system-wide program to advance a Jewish-Israeli agenda.


 Eti Shahaf:

סגור לתגובות.