Community Partnerships

The Nitzanim Communities
Joining Nitzanim Network


Nitzanim is developing a national network of communities who operate according to a common multi-year model and methodology that takes in to account the differences and uniqueness of each community. In the framework of this network, communities receive mentoring, training, share relevant knowledge, senior staff and local leadership meet regularly for peer learning, and assistance is provided raising funds for local initiatives.

Municipal program principles include:

  1. The municipal programs are based on a vision and clear goals, that draw from two sources: one – the objectives and vision of “Nitzanim, and second – local characteristics (attitudes, needs and lifestyle).
  2. The program operates in cooperation with existing local frameworks. It seeks to create involvement, partnerships, cooperation and responsibility of as many local stakeholders as possible (residents, local government, and local institutions and organizations) in building the municipal vision, and in planning and implementing the work plan.
  3. The activities are customized for a variety of target populations that reflect the diversity of the local population.
  4. Cultivation of an active local leadership, both professional and volunteer, who are mobilized and committed to realizing the program’s goals.
  5. Creation of a conceptual, human, organizational and economic infrastructure, aimed at anchoring the program on the local agenda and ensuring its longevity. Therefore, the focus of the investment is on activities and events that generate change.

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