Meet Nitzanim (old)

Who are we?

Nitzanim’s activity is directed towards “Jewish renewal.” This term holds dual meaning, relating to two types of processes that take place simultaneously and feed each other:

The first is a renewal of the connection Israelis who hail from various approaches form to Jewish tradition, Jewish culture, and the classic Jewish texts, with regard to their knowledge, experiences, feelings, and involvement.

The second consists of a renewal that take place while activists and innovators, both individuals and groups proceed to integrate innovation and tradition in order to forge meaningful contemporary Jewish life in their modern communities, set in an egalitarian and democratic society.

These two processes gain special significance when the context and platform to the many different activities, innovations, and experiences that form a shared Jewish renewal milieu, is the community and the entire local space.

Nitzanim, that views the individual’s municipality and community as the institutions that have the greatest practical influence over his or her life in the long term, takes the local authority as its domain, making it and local activists responsible for carrying out the program.


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