Even Yehuda

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The Even Yehuda Local Council was established during Hanukkah 1932 by the Bnei Binyamin Association. Itamar Ben Avi, the son of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, who revived the Hebrew language, was a member of the Association and the council was named after him.

Population characteristics 
Even Yehuda has 13,500 residents in approximately 3,200 households.
The community is ranked in cluster 8.5 (out of 10) in the socio-economic ranking of the Central Bureau of Statistics.
About 38% of the council’s residents are children and youth ages 0-19.In Even Yehuda there are 26 state kindergartens, 2 of which are for special education, and 2 are Orthodox.
3 primary schools, one junior high and one high school, and a democratic school (unofficially recognized) from kindergarten to 12th grade.
Religious students study outside the community in a nearby council.
There are three youth movements in Even Yehuda – HaTzofim, HaNoar HaOved  and Bnei Akiva, and recently a small group of Telem youth movement of the Reform Movement has been established.
The Community Center is the executive arm of the municipality in the fields of community, culture and leisure.
The council has tripled its population in the past 15 years and already has approved construction plans that will lead to doubling the population, once again, in the coming years.
Most of the residents of the local council are secular, but there is a core of national-religious and a number of ultra-Orthodox families, most of whom belong to the Chabad community.

With the establishment of the current Council, the field of Israeli Jewish culture as well as the community perception received special emphasis and are on the agenda of the Council and the Community Center.

In the upcoming year Nitzanin in Even Yehuda Is looking to establish a solid human based infrastructure for communal activities in the field of Jewish renewal, striving to expend its activity for all ages and religious streams.

For any further information please contact the Community Center:

Neta Kopelzada  – 050-8862888  neta@Eveny.matnasim.co.il

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