Hiburim (connections) – Holon

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Established 2014 – 3,500 annual participants

Hiburim – Jewish Israeli Culture in Holon – established in 2014, sees multi-faceted Jewish Israeli culture as a key element to its social ethical character.  The town’s residents (190,000) and institutions are partners in creating a common community space, that allows and encourages meetings between individuals, groups and communities who experience their Jewish-Israeli identity in a variety of ways.

Within this space, there is learning dialogue and actions based on mutual trust, openness, and respect of the treasury of Jewish culture of many generations.

Holon is known as the children’s town and has many cultural and art institutions, Hiburim activities offer an opportunity to expose the general population who visit these institutions to Jewish-Israeli values.

Programs operated by Hiburim include Yamim Levanim (a Shavuot celebration held over several days that includes activities in 27 schools and 12 community) and lay leadership training in the different neighborhoods for the activists who then operate a variety of community Jewish – Israeli activities.


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