Hofim (Beaches) – Hof Hacarmel Regional Council

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Established 2015 – 3,000 annual participants

The Hof Hacarmel Regional Council includes 27 different communities (27,000 residents) – moshavim, kibbutzim, boarding schools, an artist village, two small towns and an Arab village. Many of the residents are farmers, descendants of the original pioneers, and the majority secular, with only two religious localities in the region.  At the encouragement of a group of local residents, the regional council has chosen to promote life in these communities by developing its own Jewish-Israeli culture through textual study of the sources that is respectful and connects between residents, communities and streams.

Hofim activities include, training of local youth coordinators, a regional study program led by local residents on Shavuot eve, a Beit Midrash for the facilitators of  the seven learning groups in the region, Kabbalot Shabbat for 2 or more local communities, establishment of a community coffee house operated by local activists which offers weekly Saturday night programming related to Jewish culture, Zman Elul – an annual meeting led by one of the religious communities and the artist village around the topic of forgiveness, community activities around Hanuka, Tu b’shvat, the Mimouna and more.


Efrat Sabag – 054-8898106 – efrats@hcarmel.org.il

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