Nitzanim Maale Yosef Regional Council

Established 2017

The Ma’ale Yosef Regional Council consists of twenty-two villages, which integrate a wide mosaic of identities, communities, ethnic groups and world-views. With the expansion of the Council’s communities and the continued absorption of new residents, this diversity of identities and voices in the Council communities is growing and developing. With this growth there is an increasing need to strengthen the sense of community and the connections within the community.

The Ma’ale Yosef Nitzanim Project works to strengthen community resilience, to create and deepen partnerships between the residents, the villages and the Council, based on Jewish-Israeli culture, with all its diversity and values.

The project works in partnership with representatives of the local authority and residents, who together create a social, cultural and educational context with a Jewish-Israeli agenda in the formal and informal education and community spaces. Ma’ale Yosef Nitzanim sees the Jewish-Israeli culture, with all its expressions, as the root of a common identity, a resource for growth, and a foundation for shaping everyday life in the community.

The Ma’ale Yosef Nitzanim Project is comprised of a leadership team including an advisor from the national Nitzanim project, the Council’s Project Director, Project Chair, Director of the Galilee Development Authority, Director of the Ma’ale Yosef Education Department, and Director of the Ma’ale Yosef Community Centre. This leadership team is an integral part of the Steering Committee, which consists of key figures in the community, residents and professionals who view Jewish-Israeli culture as the key to building community resilience in the Council region. The Nitzanim Project began in December 2016. To date, the steering committee has held four meetings, in which together we have established the vision and the guiding principles for the Nitzanim Project in Ma’ale Yosef.

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