Meet Nitzanim

Program Principles

In Israel the challenge of creating a society informed by the values of both pluralistic Judaism and democracy is still to be met. Instead, we are currently witness to an increasing sense of detachment from the idea of “Klal Israel”, a growing sense of alienation, and complete ignorance of the rich and diverse Jewish culture and traditions. We believe that a deep sense of belonging to the Jewish people and the State of Israel is critical to the country’s social resilience and that an increasing disconnect is liable to weaken the very fabric of Israeli society.

Nitzanim seeks to reverse these trends, and has identified local authorities and municipalities as having the most impact on the lives of Israeli residents, being the most effective, and the factor with the most influence, in practice, on the lives of the Israeli citizens over time.

Our vision


We aspire to an Israeli society that has wholly adopted and is actively promoting a full and varied Jewish-Israeli cultural agenda in local Jewish communities and municipalities.


We are building a network of municipalities throughout Israel, a national partnership in which all participant communities uphold and support a social, cultural and educational Jewish-Israeli agenda that is inclusive, diverse and resonant.

Nitzanim seeks to develop, strengthen, and enrich Jewish identity and education in local authorities and to cultivate groups and communities with a deep commitment to the diverse shades of Jewish culture and its values.

Facilitating close cooperation between local officials and municipal staffers as well as community volunteers and activists, each local Nitzanim program develops a broad-based platform of community activities focusing on values related to Jewish pluralism, Zionism and Israeli identity. All community programs are a financial partnership between the municipality, Nitzanim and the Avi Chai Foundation.

Nitzanim is guided by respect for the multiplicity of voices within Jewish-Israeli culture, a belief in the importance of Jewish literacy (study), and a commitment to the values of personal and social responsibility, community life (mutual responsibility), cooperation, democracy, and professionalism.

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