Nitzanim at the national level

Nitzanim at the national level has three purposes:

  • To offer regular training in different forms for all stakeholders in the program;
  • To create a knowledge base containing materials and information for the local programs;
  • To initiate strategic initiatives to advance Nitzanim’s vision.

Training – the Cultivation of Elected Municipal Officials, Professionals, Staff and Volunteers

  • Nitzanim holds an annual conference for senior elected and profession municipal officials, that focuses on recognizing the efforts of our local partners, encouraging efforts to ensure the sustainability of the local programs, and providing information to assist the local programs in achieving their goals.
  • For the 22 staff who operate local programs, Nitzanim holds monthly study sessions and an additional two day seminar focused on professional capacity building.
  • Each year, Nitzanim hosts a conference for approximately 150 activists and volunteers during which there is peer learning and much time is spent sharing information about the initiatives of local activists, giving these activists recognition, and raising their level of motivation for future activities.


Capacity Building

Nitzanim strongly believes that there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain a knowledge base that documents Nitzanim initiatives around the country and makes available to local programs information about these initiatives as well as materials that can be shared and enjoyed by all.

Strategic Initiatives to Advance Nitzanim’s Vision

Nitzanim realizes that among our goals is to raise awareness to our vision.  To that end,

  • Nitzanim utilizes social media and print media to reach additional audiences.
  • Nitzanim creates relationships with additional bodies such as communities center, educational officials and other organizations and individuals for the purpose of reaching new audiences.

Beyond raising awareness, Nitzanim works to create new partnerships at the national level in order to bring together additional players who have the ability to help us promote our agenda. To date, these partnerships have included working with different departments in the Ministry of Education and Partnership 2000.  Our newest initiative is our work with Center for Local Government.  As part of this initiative we were able to bring together, for the first time mayors, deputy mayors, and the chair people of our local programs in order to discuss how to push for government funding both nationally and locally to promote our agenda and vision.

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