Olamot (Worlds) – Upper Nazareth

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Established 2008 – 15,000 annual participants

Olamot was established in Upper Nazareth (45,000 residents) in 2004 in order to develop a shared Jewish-Israeli identity in this multicultural city. Today Olamot promotes this agenda in full partnership with residents, the municipality, and local community centers.

In addition to cultivating community activists and entrepreneurs, Olamot provides a solution for more than half of the city’s residents who are new immigrants from the FSU and whose main language remains Russian. The programs operated by Olamaot allow this population to become acquainted with, experience, learn and formulate their relationship with Jewish-Israeli culture based on their understanding and point of view.

Special programs offered by Olamot include: Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations, Lit Homes (Hanukah) festival, receiving the Torah celebration for 2nd graders, Shabbat study and celebration for kindergarten families, tolerance week in the schools and in the community, series of events from holocaust day through independence day.

Contact information:

Naama Maoz – 050-7345298, namamaoz.olamot@gmail.com

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