Program Principles

Meet Nitzanim

Nitzanim: Jewish Israeli Identity and Zionism’ originated in 2007 as a project within the Avi Chai Foundation, and in 2013 began operating as an independent NGO focused on building a national network of local authorities in which the rich & diverse Jewish cultural heritage serves as a fundamental common resource in shaping a tolerant, vibrant, multi-cultural environment.

All of the local Nitzanim programs are built on a basis of both an ideological and an economic partnership between the municipalities and Nitzanim.

  • All decisions regarding the local programs’ themes are made by local steering committees, with senior municipal officials working together with the residents’ representatives, to create programming that is in accord with local characteristics. It is these same representatives who are responsible for setting them up the program activities, implementing and  monitoring them.
  • Nitzanim is responsible for the national supporting this the network programs, and for sharing knowledge sharing between programs in the different municipalities. These support services include, training, guidance, mentoring, monitoring, capacity building and more.

· The organization’s headquarters has proven professional capabilities in management, instruction, cultivation, and enrichment.

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