Zayit (Olive) – Emek Hefer Regional Council

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Established 2006 – 15,000 annual participants

Established by educators and community workers in 2006, ZAYIT (an acronym for Jewish identity and culture) is an integral part of the local community center and the Emek Hefer regional council (40,000 residents), which includes 40 kibbutzim, moshavim, and community settlements. The population of the region is mainly secular, with one community in the region identifying as religious Zionist.

Zayit’s ultimate goal is to enrich and shape culture life in the region working in conjunction with local institutions and residents, and being responsive to the needs that arise from the community.

Flagship programs run by Zayit include a large range of innovative Batei Midrash (e.g for artists, musicians, storytellers), pre-school educational programs on Hebrew songs and Agadot Hazal, Kabbalot shabat on the Aleksander river shore, Mekorock- festival for youth and adults, Lit Homes (Hanukah) festival, and a “hadaga” for Independence Day.


Rina Barkai – 052-3344720 –

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