Zika (affinity) – Gan Yavne

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Established 2009 – 17,000 annual participants

Zika – Jewish Community Identity in Gan Yavne – was founded in Gan Yavne (30,000 residents) in 2009, in cooperation with the local council and is part of the local council’s vision for the town.

The Gan Yavne community reflects Israeli society on a smaller scale. The community is made up of new and old immigrants, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, Orthodox and secular people. There are new and veteran immigrants from North Africa, Yemen, Iraq, FSU and about 100 families from Ethiopia living side by side with Israeli born neighbors.

Zika endeavors to make Gan Yavne a town that nurtures a community that is attached to Israeli Jewish culture, tradition, and values.

Programs operated by Zika include a Shavuot town Festival with 10,000 participants all based on local activities, Lit Homes (Hanukah) festival, a local Adloyada, educational program for Bnei and Bnot Mitzvah (teacher-parent-children), a forum for all school principals focusing on promoting Jewish values within their educational work, a local Beit Midrash, a welcome event for new comers to the town, a welcome ceremony for new-borns to Gan Yavne Jewish community.


Hila Elhayani – 052-6130347  – hilazika@gmail.com

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